J01 Safety JACKET wholesale padlock with key

J01 Safety  JACKET wholesale padlock with key

Model No.︰J01

Brand Name︰MI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc

Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description

J01 Safety Jacket Padlock , safety lockout 

Material : Steel+plastic

Shackle : 38cm steel

Dia : 6mm 

Color : 13colors (White, yellow , green , blue, red, grey , brown, black etc )

MOQ: 100pcs 

Delivery Time : 7days 


J01 : 20.4*43cm

J11 : 22*33cm

J21 :63*42cm


-------Aluminum / Laminated  Padlocks-----------

G45 :Short shackle Laminated Padlocks

G46 :Middle shackle Laminated Padlocks

G47 :Long shackle Laminated Padlocks

G61 :38cm Aluminum Padlocks

G61 :38cm Aluminum Padlocks+automatic pop-up


Related Safety Padlocks List for your reference . 

--------Steel Padlocks-----------

G01 :6mm Dia +38cm steel shackle

G02 :4mmDia+38cm steel shackle

G21 :6mm dia +76cm steel shackle 


--------Nylon Padlocks-----------

G11 :6mm dia +38cm Nylon shackle

G12:4mm dia +38cm Nylon shackle 

G22:6mm dia +76cm Nylon shackle 


--------Special Padlocks-----------

G01DP :6mm dia +38cm steel shackle +dust proof

G11DP : 6mm dia +38cm nylon shackle+dust proof

G31 : Safety  Padlocks with Cable

G41 : 6mm dia +25cm steel shackle 

G42 :6mm dia +20cm steel shackle 

G81 : 6mm dia+38cm steel shackle +Long body 

G82 :6mm dia+76cm steel shackle +Long body 


We supply hundreds of safety lockout like Padlocks , HASP lockout , Cable lockout , MCB Lockout , Lockout Kits, Lockout Tagout , safety tags , Lockout Box etc . 


Tips :

a. If you couldn’t find the exact product you want, never mind, just contact us and tell your requirements, we will arrange the moulds and manufacture for you.  
b.  No minimum order quantity required  
c.  Many products are available from stock with the next several days.  
d.  If required, goods can be collected from our factory directly to your customers.  
e.  We also support OEM /ODM manufacturing, with any given order quantity.


Payment Terms︰ T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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